About Us

Company Background

ONG FIREWORKS was established in the year of 1997 in Songka, Hatyai, which is located in Southern Thailand. This is a tourist area which always attract by Malaysian to visit. ONG FIREWORKS is one of big firework enterprises, and the firm has distributed products to those fireworks business companies in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Brunei etc.

ONG FIREWORKS is a licensed and legal firework company, and we have 77 subordination agents from Thailand.

ONG FIREWORKS mainly directly sells products to consumers, and we have more than 500 varieties of products including rocket, novelty firework, sparkles, roman candle, firecracker, salute, skyrocket, catherine wheel, m-80, smoke bomb etc. We mainly sell on the special festivals like Loy Krathong, Buddhist Lent Day, wan-ok-phansa, Lunar New Year, Hijri New Year, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Deepavali and other local festivals.

ONG FIREWORKS planning to have a pyrotechnic team in future. So, what is the pyrotechnic team? It is a team which is licensed and professional to set off fireworks which is needed to coordinate with a professional system wherefore we are able to host broad-scale firework shows, with a superb setting off fireworks skill in various festivals in local and abroad.



    Expand our online market.

    Due to the current outbreak pandemic, there have been lockdowns all over the world for a period of time, and online sales is certainly convenient for everyone and will continue growing.


    We welcome collaboration with all the partners from all over Southeast Asia to build up a perfect and high quality team in the fireworks market.

    Furthermore, we have set up our customer service team who are fluent in various languages, and they are ready to engage with our partners and customers from different countries.


    Keep improving and upgrading the company's internal system.

    From the quality, design, packaging of the product to the service provided to our clients.